Tips on How to Clean Up Surroundings After a Storm

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Storms can really take everyone by surprise. It can occur at any time which is most inconvenience as well as can destroy your residential or commercial property in just a matter of seconds. As a matter of fact, storms can affect trees which will result to minor to severe damages to your properties. That is the reason why it is very essential that you know and understand what to do should a strong storm hits your property. In addition to that, it can also be overwhelming to perform the clean-up all by yourself, that is why you should hire a professional and experienced tree service provider like tree trimming Cincinnati during such occasions since they can definitely help you with it in a proper and fast manner.

You can also help your trees survive a destructive storm by assessing prior so that you’ll know the type of tree care it requires. If you know that the storm is approaching check your trees for any of the following indications of damage or disease:

Mushroom and fungi on your trees
Trees in close to your electricity
A rotten portion in your tree
A hollow part in the trunk
Wounds in huge trunk or branches
If you’re not confident enough in assessing your tree by yourself, you may ask for the assistance from a professional and highly reputable tree service provider to evaluate the health of your tree. If they notice any risk of endangering your properties or worse, everyone’s lives, they should inform you as well as offer you a solution to that issue. The following are some of the tree services which can be offered by the professionals:

Pruning diseased branches
Getting rid of the tree branches or limbs which are in contact with or close to your residential or commercial property
Getting rid of hazardous trees
Storm Tree Damage and Debris Clean-Up

Storms leave a lot of debris and rubbles. It can be very hassle and overwhelming to deal with. Don’t go out there without ensuring that there are no downed electricity lines and there’s no more lightning within the area. Check your tree for any split trunk and damaged branches. If you are certain that there are no potential dangers in your area, then you can start the cleaning process yourself.

Actually, you can do something in order to help the trees recover from a strong storm. Proper watering, fertilizing and mulching are just few of the things which you can perform to help in the recuperating process of your trees. The following are some of the tips on what to do next if you happen to see any damages to your tree:

1. Huge branches which have been split off the main tree trunk or pulled-out should be eliminated

2. If it is obvious that the roots of your trees are totally damaged or has been uprooted, the tree should be eliminated

3. The tree should be eliminated if more than 50 percent of the branches or limbs have been destroyed

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