Common Mistakes to Avoid When Hiring Event Staff in Vegas

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An event can only be successful when the event staff working are the best when it comes to organizing the event and engaging the audience. Not only the event staff is promoting your brand but also help you build customer relationships. But if you make a mistake of hiring someone not fit for the job, it might harm your event. Not just the event but the brand image of your company.

In order to avoid this disaster, below are the common mistakes you should avoid when hiring an event staffing Vegas company:

1. Do not hire someone who takes long in making a decision. This can be the worst mistake any event planner will do is take long in making a decision when hiring an event staff. Yes, it is essential to take many factors and consideration to find someone who can do the event but also you have to remember that they also have their own schedules to follow. If you take around 1 to 2 weeks to decide, you may end up having no one to hire because they are already booked on different events. To get the quality staff you are looking, make sure you keep the process as short as possible.

2. Do not hire someone who cannot promote your brand’s image well. Event staff will be the face of your event when it comes to promoting your brand. That is why when deciding a staff to hire, make sure you have someone that has an accurate representation of your brand image.

3. Do not hire staff without even consulting your team. You also have to consider your team that will be working on the staff for the upcoming event. Make sure that they will complement with each other and work well. The success of your event will be affected by the relationship in both sides. If they do not go well, you may expect worst. So better consult your staff before finalizing the hiring process of the event staff.

4. Do not hire someone who cannot understand your event needs. Before you hire, make sure you have a plan for the event that consists the size, length and the audience you will have. This will help you narrow down the number of staffs along with the experience level, gender and age to hire. Make sure to have people that will fit for the job you are looking for.

5. Do not hire without interviewing first. You won’t hire an employee on your company without even interviewing first, right? Asking questions about the company that produces a staff for your event is very important. You have to know them first by asking questions that are relevant to the work. You can ask in person or interview via phone or Skype.

6. Do not forget to ask for a portfolio. When you interview the company, make sure you also ask them to bring along some of their portfolio. In this way, you can evaluate the job they will be doing relevant to your event. It might even help to ask for credential or references.

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