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Avoiding Electrical Fires this Winter

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The winter season poses a fair range of risks when it comes to electrical fires. That is why it is best to be as ready as possible. It is crucial to be prepared for the difficulties that can come with the wet and cold weather whenever winter comes around.

Do you need some help with improving your electrical safety? Do you want to know what the leading risk of electrical fire is during cold months? Don’t worry. Here are several tips from an EWO Electrician Windsor Ontario to ensure that you and your property stay safe this winter.

Heater Safety

You’ve got to ensure you put your heater at a safe distance from curtains, rugs, walls, furniture, and other items if you’re using one in your house. Space heaters are an excellent way to keep certain rooms warm without drastically increasing your utility bill. However, it’s crucial that you place them away from flammable material since these heaters generate high heat. Move the heater if you feel objects around the heater becoming hot. An unattended heater can easily start a fire. When you are not using it, always turn off the heater.

Use Your Generator Properly

For a lot of individuals, a house generator is extremely important. This is particularly true during winter months where power outage typically occurs. Generators are an excellent way to keep power. However, they come with their own threats. This includes the risk of starting a fire if the fuel in the generator is old or if they are under-maintained. It is best to have your generator inspected first before you use it if it has been sitting idle for more than 6 months.

Be Wary When Cooking

During winter day, hot food really makes a difference. However, you need to ensure your kitchen is safely equipped before you get to cooking. In every kitchen area within a particular range of water sources, you need to have GFCIs. In addition to that, the fridge, microwaves, ovens, and ranges need to be on dedicated circuits. This will help prevent overloads that can lead to an electrical fire. Aside from electrical problems, you’ve got to ensure you stay where you are when cooking. According to reports, most kitchen fires occurred because of appliances being left alone.

Do Not Overload Electrical Outlets

An excellent rule to follow is to only plug a single high-wattage decoration into every wall outlet. This will help prevent overloading the electrical outlets. For those who don’t know, overloaded electrical outlets are one of the common causes of holiday fires.

To help prevent a voltage spike, you should plug the lights on your Christmas tree into a surge protector.

Use Outdoor Extension Cords

Indoor and outdoor cords are not the same. Outdoor cords have more durable insulation to protect wires from temperature changes and moisture. In addition to that, they’re able to prevent sunlight damage to the wires.

You should utilize extension cords and lights that are specified for outdoor use whenever you are setting up outdoor decorations.

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